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Red Over Red (2013)

by Bedroom Rehab Corporation

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Low Tide 02:04
Water, water Everywhere But not a drop to drink Holes in my plan Holes in this boat Enough to make it sink No one gets out alive Only rats leave the ship Grow gills and you’ll survive With a bottle in your grip All the whiskey All the Rum Both will make you pay Slept through the morning Suffered through the sun Sick throughout the day Nothin’ left to live for This boats a floating tomb There’s no returning to shore Just hope the end is soon
Basilosaurus 03:23
Fire In the sky telling all too much Another burned out flag another broken crutch My Feeling sunk down in my guts Through my bloody eyes I’ve seen o much It tore down the mast Another man dragged to the depths The ship was split in half Nothing left but a twisted wreck Teeth Crushing beam as well as bone Sending all to hell know one reaching home Guns And spears couldn’t kill the beast Couldn’t pierce the hide couldn’t make it bleed
There was this child In the middle of the void Speaking so clearly Offering salvation Said he could save me Set everything right He’d lend me a hand Let me escape with my life He said so peaceful So trustworthy and kind I was drawn in by the words Away from what’s mine The child he grinned Licked it’s blue lips His tongue was forked Hot brand in his fist Your mine now he screamed Though rows of sharp teeth Get into my ship You’ve so much to see
All Hands 04:40
If you’re ready to blow light the match and lets go All buttoned up soldiers in a row Can’t find a witness to the crime Overrated oversimplified Yes Sir As you were Face down Like the rest of these clowns Marching order rank and file Cocaine machinegun, bloodshot eyes What’s some grey matter between friends Prize winner, king of dead ends Can’t see the forest from the trees On your knees begging please Kissing ass and dropping names Waste my air drive me insane
Dragged under the life I chose Stripped of skin and of pride Soaked all the way down to my bones To deep to see the regret for my time Just another man gone by the boards Warm euphoria ends, heaven closes its doors Sullen treasure and sunken men The murky blue of your mind Suffocating black of your sin Tied up and cast over the side Sink Deep Drink Deep
Take another trip across the river Worn out slugs on your eyes Can’t go back and forth forever Slaves to unfinished lives Burned at the stake Hung for your crimes Quiet in your sleep Pay me for my time You gotta give me one more chance See if I can survive Hedge my bets see if I’m right Pull my weight through this night Burned at the stake Hung for your crimes Quiet in your sleep Pay me for my time Grab an oar and start rowing Earn your keep for this ride Tide is in rivers flowing Undertow takes its time Burned at the stake Hung for your crimes Quiet in your sleep Pay me for my time
Pilot Fish 04:55
Some men are lost and just need guiding Some men have blood on their minds Other men are food for bigger fish And I’m finding Those men are swimming against the tide You need it I’ll get it I’m your fixer I’ll lead you in I’ll lay you out You need it I’ll get it I’m your fixer Be my guest I’ll sort it out I’ve seen a ship in every harbor Never had a port in any storm I’ve made friends with sharks and men It gets harder To tell the two of them apart For a man to find his way For a shark to find its prey
Red over red the captain is dead We’ve run aground The crushing black and compass cracked All men can drown Another time this god of mine Took me to town This ship will roll with splintered hull We’re going down Give up your catch No end in site Torn from the deck Caught in the bite Harpoon and net the trap is set And bait prepared Of tongue and teeth the monster breathes And cold stair Another day of freezing spray We’re well aware Eye of the storm, red sky morn The crew is scared
Taken in by a silver tongued devil Made to believe in his sleight of hand Left alone against the tide here to shovel Dig deep for the promised land I chose this life and I’m bound to work it I’m working on my escape plan Big payoffs make the bad choices worth it Or take a deep breath put your head in the sand Splice the main brace Double the ration Overworked and underpaid We could do with the action Fire guns and we left them all smoking Slipped away under dead of night No one gets hurt not a word is spoken You’ll save no souls looking for this fight
High Tide 02:08


Red Over Red, Bedroom Rehab Corporation’s debut LP, is a supernatural and seafaring concept record that runs you through the gamut of the band’s vision. While most of the songs are rooted in a big riff there are as many variations in dynamics and tones throughout the record as there are riffs.

From the heavy desert rock of “Gone by the Boards”, with its crushing distortion and delay soaked ambiance... to the twisted psychedelia of “Pilot Fish” which has the illusion of organ throughout the verses and a bombastic shoegaze outro... and the noisy punk of “Captain Damnit” where the drums push and pull you through a 2 minute sonic pinball ride.

The use of feedback and noise throughout the album, both as a subtle building block of atmosphere and a battering ram to your ears, shows an honest and thoughtful manipulation of sound rather than a gimmick or a “high art” selling point. Red Over Red boasts a great range of music using nothing but bass, drums and vocals.

Recorded by Justin Pizzoferrato, (Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Black Pyramid), at his new studio Sonelab, (Chelsea Light Moving, Black Francis), Red Over Red is a product of not only the songs and the band but the environment they were recorded in. Making use of many room/ambient microphones, you can hear the space, making the recording more alive and less processed; capturing the raw energy of Bedroom Rehab Corporation and never sacrificing the big, powerful production. Red Over Red shows a breadth of sound that most 2 piece bands can’t compete with and an varied approach to heavy music without straying too far from a good rock n’ roll structure.


"With a fantastical story arc that beautifully incorporates elements of the sea and its tradition of ghostly yarns, the atmospheric but dinosaur-stomp-heavy duo Bedroom Rehab Corporation has completed their new CD, "Red Over Red." A song-cycle that seems at times almost spookily ambient and, at others, like the delicious soundtrack to a Black Mass, the album is a triumph of energy, visceral mood and monstrously good tunes. Veterans of the e'er evolving and fruitful rock scene, Bedroom Rehab Corporation - Adam Wujtewicz (bass treatments/vocals) and Meghan Killimade (drums) - hooked up with noted producer Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth), and the result is even at this early date an odds-on choice for those distant year-end Best Of lists".
- Rick Koster, The Day

"Another twosome consisting of drum and bass. Incredible. Incredible that this toothsome twosome from New London, Connecticut can make such phenomenally massive music. Released very early in the year it has hung around the entire twelve months getting spin time on my iPod and in my car due to the gargantuan, mammoth riffs created by the lone stringed instrument as well as the energetic, forceful drumwork that by default joins center stage, executing a dance sublime from this duet of fuzz."
- Ken Elliot, Heavy Planet ("Favorite LP's of 2013")

"The twosome’s self-released full-length debut, Red over Red, offers a more sonically diverse attack, far less beholden to genre and more driven by a nascent, still-coalescing individualized sensibility. Take, for example, “S.O.S. (Son of Siren),” as it departs from the full-toned heavy rock push of the preceding “Basilosaurus” in favor of an ambient, wandering build that only gives some hint of the kick-in to come for how held together it is by drummer Meghan Killimade. Joined in the band by bassist/vocalist Adam Wujtewicz, Killimade proves no less able than her counterpart to affect a change in atmosphere across the course of the album. Whether it’s the repurposed Zeppelin stomp of “Caught in the Bite”‘s open-room feel or the ’90s-style crunch of the subsequent “Splice the Main Brace,” Red over Red works in a vaster array of colors than its title might indicate."
- The Obelisk

"Now I was aware that New London's Bedroom Rehab Corporation were a two piece outfit focusing on drums and bass. I knew that bassist extraordinaire Adam Wujtewicz was a master of the multi-pedal distortion that could manipulate sound in unique ways. What I was not prepared for was to hear a full album that is equal parts ambient stoner rock and battering ram styled noise rock and there not be one single guitar on the record. I don't think it can be understated that what Wutjewicz and drummer Meghan Killimade have done is to create an album as heavy and pummeling as a full on five-piece band with just the two of them and lots of distortion".
- Chip McCabe, CT.com / Metal Insider



released January 22, 2013

Bedroom Rehab Corporation is:
Adam Wujtewicz – Bass, Voice, Pedal Noise
Meghan Killimade - Drums


Recorded and Mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato
at Sonelab - East Hampton, MA
Produced by Bedroom Rehab Corporation & Justin Pizzoferrato
Mastered by Carl Saff for Saff Mastering - Chicago, IL

For more info:

All songs written by Bedroom Rehab Corporation
©2013 Caught In The Bite Music

***All music contained on this page is protected by United States copyright law and may not be used or uploaded in any way for distribution without the prior written permission of the owner of this content.


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Bedroom Rehab Corporation New London, Connecticut

BRC is a 2 piece band hailing from New London, CT; (Adam Wujtewicz: bass, vocals; Meghan Killimade: drums), and are centered around hypnotic doom and gloom riffing and sludgy shoe-gaze soundscapes.

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