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Fortunate Some (2015)

by Bedroom Rehab Corporation

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xantares thumbnail
xantares Hey there. I was recently in New London and stopped by the Telegraph to look through the shelves. This album caught my eye and I put it on the store's turntable. I only needed to be hear a few minutes of the first track to be sold on it. Good shit. Good, good shit.
Zhakathoom thumbnail
Zhakathoom 2 piece? Wtf?! This is mighty and thunderous and I find it almost hard to believe that this is a mere 2 piece. Loving it.

And finally there is a song for those moments when all you've got is a hammer. Favorite track: When All You've Got is a Hammer.
Green Revenant
Green Revenant thumbnail
Green Revenant Tolkien's riddles from the Hobbit made into a screaming metal song!? Fuck me I am nerding AND rocking out!

...TOOTHLESS! BIIIIIIIIIIITES! Favorite track: Riddles of Wind and Time.
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All things It devours Birds, beasts Trees, flowers Gnaws iron Bites steel Grinds stones Into meal Voiceless cries Wingless flutters Toothless bites Mouthless mutters Slays king Ruins town beats high Mountain down Carries solders Across seas Feeds fires Plants seeds
It’s a long walk home With all these stones in my shoes Just another drone Only one tool to use When all you’ve got is a Hammer It becomes all you need All I’ve got is this Hammer Everything looks like nails to me Peace can be hard to find With everything that’s at stake Not enough whiskey or time Nails may bend but I only break We could have been given swords Riffles bullets and the like Pull them out with our claws But at their heads we will strike
Sleeping titans under miles of cold With their beasts of lore Axes, hammers and a throne of gold Left unused for ever more There’s no escape From this icy fate Winters cage Your resting place Clearing roads and crossing rivers wide Blazing fires light their camps The snow does fall in sheets of white Mountain pass has collapsed Never made it to Valhalla’s gates No endless challis filled with mead No bloody battles are forever waged Icy graves so deep beneath GIANTS IN THE ICE!!!
The Eyes that lie There's hate inside for human kind and truth he hides See Through Through you Slither around along the ground it's coming down upon us now Need truth To bleed you You live so clean on TV screen you whore and fiend behind the scenes No common man with gun in hand for god he stands in your holy land


Fortunate Some is the second official studio release from CT bass and drum heavy psyche duo Bedroom Rehab Corporation. Adam Wujtewicz (bass/vocals) and Meghan Killimade (drums) have recorded four new doom laced rock songs and have put much more emphasis on melody and spacey exploration this time around. Sledgehammer riffing, loud-quiet-loud arrangements, and violent noise are all still integral pieces of the BRC arsenal -- only now the ideas are given more time to develop and are sonically more expressive. Fortunate Some clocks in at just under 30 minutes allowing each song to encompass more ideas, stretch farther away from standard rock arrangements and create a more cohesive product overall. Once again calling on the team made up of recording engineer Justin Pizzoferrato (Witch, Elder, Black Pyramid) and mastering engineer Carl Saff (Big Business, Earthless, Lo-Pan) the production, like the songs, is bigger, darker and heavier.

Even though the songs are still based on riff worship and contain torrents of fuzz, the saturated low end isn’t constant; it comes and goes like a hammer striking an anvil. The additions of droning noise and ambient effects give Fortunate Some a paranoid and seething atmosphere that pushes BRC to a different plane of heavy. Killimade’s mercurial drumming is heated and cooled by the song’s varied dynamics but always puts thunder behind the fog that BRC creates. The vocals pull far more weight here than in previous releases. Wujtewicz’s voice is a 3 headed monster of somber melody, forceful shouts and throat ripping screams. This added focus allows the quieter bass tracks to create texture and enhance mood instead of carrying the melody.


“Fortunate Some” is magnificent in its power, and the quartet of tunes — expansive in their structural blueprints and averaging about seven minutes in length — are as relentless and menacing as a lava flow through a cemetery. The refrains in “Riddles of Wind and Time” and “When All You’ve Got is a Hammer” will absolutely burrow into your brain and hang around awhile in the grand fashion of Alice in Chains’ “Would” or Ozzy wailing “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. No matter what fog of sound or gut-slawing bass figures Wujtewicz churns out, it’s perfectly anchored by Killimade’s rhythmic patterns — and check out the EP-closing “The Serpent, The Smiler” for a stunning example of their umbilical connection.
- Rick Koster, The Day (October 3, 2015)

"BRC are simplicity incarnate, and living proof that you don't have to over complicate things in order to create something absolutely bone shakingly stellar. Somewhat reminiscent of early Sleep, the slow, thundering waves of riffs, intoxicating drum beats and vocals that sound like they were recorded by being bellowed into a Nordic valley all cumulate into, for my money, the best EP I've heard this year... by quite a margin! Heavy and haunting in equal measure, Fortunate Some may only be 4 tracks in length but it still manages to take you on an unprecedented trip through a number of genres. Flexing their artistic muscles Adam and Meghan are able to amalgamate doom, stoner rock, psych, acid rock and even a touch of space rock into one place before promptly stomping them all into one bloody, speaker destroying slab of beauty. It's seldom a predominantly doom album is particularly catchy in nature, but somehow BRC have managed to hit this nail square on the head. If you don't find yourself driving along listening to this EP at some point roaring the lyrics "When all you've got is a hammer!" at the top of your lungs while thumping your steering wheel, then, well you're pretty much dead inside. It's an absolute beast of a recording, and is guaranteed to push your rig to near breaking point!"
- Jay Hooke, The Burning Beard (October 12, 2015)

"...their songs are surprisingly hooky for a genre not always known for its hooks. Wujtewicz’s vocals run the gamut from a smooth baritone to evil snarls, and his more melodious lines add a great deal of catchiness to songs like the lead single ‘When All You’ve Got is a Hammer.’ The band’s overall sound is very much uniquely theirs; you shouldn’t find yourself looking for a better version of this band, because there isn’t another band that pins this sound down quite the way these two can. The territory they occupy is certainly familiar, and if you’ve wandered it before you probably won’t hear much on Fortunate Some that will surprise you, but songs are all good enough that it doesn’t matter. It is clear in both a live and studio setting that this pair has incredible musical chemistry, and at some point this musical secret from New England will be discovered by the rest of the world. Let Fortunate Some be your much-needed introduction to the duo, because these riffs need to be heard."
- John McLaughlin, Echoes and Dust (October 13, 2015)

"Fortunate Some is a very welcome surprise in a year of quality doom. The duo have obvious chemistry with each member critical to the success of the other. They're subtly dynamic, shaping atmosphere when called for and bludgeoning when you need it. They have a way of shifting the sonic focus between themselves so the listener always has someone to love. I can't recommend this enough. Honest, dynamic, psychedelic and forceful doom from two individuals who obviously live and breathe for their art".
- Matt Hinch, Kingdom of Noise (October 17, 2015)

"Bedroom Rehab Corporation is set to independently release their new four-song EP, Fortunate Some, and for fans of their debut album, 2013’s Red Over Red, there’s a lot to like here. The crown jewel of this beast is the track “When All You’ve Got is a Hammer” which really showcases this band’s ability to write head-bobbing, catchy-as-hell, doom metal. It’s the type of track you’ll be singing the chorus to for hours on end and would be worth the purchase as a stand alone track, yet luckily we are gifted three other worthy additions".
- Chip McCabe, Metalinsider (October 2, 2015)



"Best Record / EP"
The Whalie Awards, New London, CT - June 11, 2016

"Best Metal EP / Single"
Dandycast Radio Awards, greater New England - May 26, 2016



released October 3, 2015

Bedroom Rehab Corporation is:
Adam Wujtewicz – Bass / Voice / Pedal Noise
Meghan Killimade – Drums / Noise Assistant

Recorded by Justin Pizzoferrato at Sonelab, Easthampton MA
Produced by Bedroom Rehab Corporation and Justin Pizzoferrato
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, Chicago IL
Art by Liz Walshak
Photos by Sheree Sirpenski

There are no guitars or keyboards on this album!

For more info:

All songs written by Bedroom Rehab Corporation
© 2015 Caught In The Bite Music

***All music contained on this page is protected by United States copyright law and may not be used or uploaded in any way for sale, distribution or otherwise without the prior written permission of the owner of this content.


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Bedroom Rehab Corporation New London, Connecticut

BRC is a 2 piece band hailing from New London, CT; (Adam Wujtewicz: bass, vocals; Meghan Killimade: drums), and are centered around hypnotic doom and gloom riffing and sludgy shoe-gaze soundscapes.

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